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Polka dot dot party September 24, 2011

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Grandparents’ Day at our school was yesterday.  It also coincided with Dot’s birthday!! They had been at the beach and made their way up here by Thursday because Grandparents’ Day was starting at 8:10am on Friday morning~ a little early for my taste. We went to dinner and had a great time Thursday night.  They went to the girls’ school in the morning and hung out in both classrooms.  I have no pictures because parents aren’t allowed up there on that day 🙂

When the program was over, she brought the girls home.  Olivia and C-dub stayed with me and got the party ready and Emma and Dot Dot went to the library until it was time for them to pick up Cord and Lucy.

We hung a banner that spelled out Dot Dot on one side and had pictures of her on the other side.  If you ever get to go to Dot Dot’s house, you will have yummy food all the time. So getting a chance to focus on yummy food for her was a treat.  She always has a pretty table set for us when we come, with fresh flowers from her garden and beautiful plates for our food.


I didn’t tell Dot Dot that we were having a polka dot party, yet amazingly her brown top has polka dots on it.  How did she do that?

We each had our own petit for- Every time we talked about dot dot’s upcoming birthday, Lucy would talk about blowing out the candles.  With 4 kids, I thought we may have a problem about who would get to “help” dot dot.  To solve the problem, I put a candle in each person’s petit for and we blew them out all at the same time.  No lucy spit on anyone’s cake but her own 🙂


After the party, we headed to the Botanical Gardens- We stayed until it closed.


We enjoyed all the scarecrows that are up for the holidays and played in all the treehouses that are still up from the summer.  We love the extras that are at the gardens, but it was fun to be there yesterday with someone who loves the gardens because of the flowers, plants and trees that are there.  I would love to go back with Dot and C-dub again and learn more of what they know about all the plants there.

Happy Birthday Dot Dot! We are so glad we were with you on your birthday!




One Response to “Polka dot dot party”

  1. Nan-Nan, Mary, Mary Agnes Says:

    A precious idea Polka “Dot” for Dot-Dot. Your setting looks perfect. I love Dot-Dot’s top. I need to send her a message about that one. It looks like a very fun celebration.

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