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Auburn tailgaiting- at home September 29, 2011

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Our friends, the Korotkys, had us over to watch Auburn football last weekend.  We’ve been friends with their family for years- we were both at Auburn at the same time, were in the same small group at church when we were first married and living in Birmingham, and were pregnant with our first children at the same time. They took a job in Texas and we headed to St Louis for seminary.  They eventually moved to Huntsville and a few years later we moved here too! Now my 4 children and her 3 go to the same school 🙂

What I especially love about their whole family is their intense love for Auburn 🙂 So they invited us to their home where we could have our own little tailgate party and watch a game together.

Kathryn is the hostess with the mostess and we always have the best time with their family.


During halftime, the troops played a little football together.  We are both blessed to have awesome husbands that play with their kids, are funny, and are sweet to their wives.  You never know who God is going to put in your life- or how long He is going to let that friendship flourish.  This is one of those friendships that I am so thankful that He saw fit to keep in ours.


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