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thanksgiving weekend November 25, 2011

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We have had such a nice holiday.  My mother arrived on Tuesday and my in-laws arrived Wednesday.  My back has still been in bad shape so all of these amazing people helped take care of me, our family and our home! We cooked all my favorite goodies and had some fun trying some new recipes too.


One recipe they could all help with was to make individual pumpkin pies in small mason jars.


They turned out great.  Really yummy and just the right amount of dessert after a big lunch.

The second recipe was to make teepee cupcakes for the kids. This one required a lot more creativity to keep the cones from spilling all over the oven while they cooked. Thanks to mom for her idea that saved the day!


The kids rolled them in melted chocolate and then in sprinkles.

The third recipe was red velvet cake balls- Olivia requested this desset. They aren’t too pretty, but they were good to eat 🙂

The rest we made on Thursday morning- turkey, ham, cornbread dressing, pineapple delight casserole, sweet potato casserole, corn casserole, green beans, mashed potatoes, and broccoli salad.  YUM!

Dot trimmed all the hedges and took lots of active children on walks throughout the day and cleaned my kitchen numerous times!

Missing buttons were replaced on clothes and kids worked on school projects.  Dot and Grammy taught the girls how to whip stitch and did numerous crafts with each one.  Cord spent lots of time with his c-dub and we all laughed and laughed at c-dub’s stories of growing up! We put up the tree today, watched football, recovered from some late night shopping, and decorated the house before everyone went home tonight.  You just can’t get better than that.


Happy Thanksgiving November 24, 2011

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Happy Thanksgiving from all the Turkeys and Indians in our house…

Emma and Lucy after their “play” today.  Hope your day is filled with love, gratitude and great conversations with those that you love.

Ephesians 5:20

Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ…


2nd grade feast November 22, 2011

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Emma’s class celebrated Thanksgiving this past Friday. They dressed as Indians, selected their own Indian names, and sang songs for us.  The girls sang an Indian lullaby to their baby dolls in their arms.


The boys sang a hunting song.  Then the class quoted the bible verses they had learned and then they stepped forward one by one and said what they were thankful for.  Emma was thankful for a loving teacher.

Then we ate a “feast” together.


Daddy and “Morning Glory”                                                     Mommy and “Morning Glory”

I was so thankful to be able to focus on her and celebrate it with her.  It wasn’t so long ago that I was celebrating the same way with her older sister.

Emma with some of her fellow Indian mommas 🙂


Annual Walk through the Lights November 16, 2011

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This past Saturday we did our annual walk through the lights at the Botanical Gardens.  We have been blessed by pleasant weather for the past two years and it has been so much fun to be able to let the children run a little ahead of us as we walk, instead of having to bundle them all up and carry them or pull them in the wagon.

Emma is standing in the middle of my favorite part. There is a section of all white lights that hang from the trees and light up the whole area like snow.  It is like walking through a fairy land.



The Gardens serve hot chocolate and cookies at the half way point and have cute cut outs to take pictures.  It is all so well done~

This has become one of those events that mark the holidays for me and that we look forward to all year.


Hanging with my dad November 14, 2011

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Friday, my dad and Marian came to visit us. It was the perfect day to come up here~ Eric was heading out of town for the Men’s Retreat with our church, the kids were out of school and it was Veteran’s Day.  The kids were all so happy to be having a day with their grandaddy. They arrived around lunch and were immediately greeted by 4 happy, talkative, energetic kids.  We ate and caught up on life.  The smaller two kids napped, while the adults tried to make plans for the upcoming holidays.

When the kids woke up, we had a Veteran’s Day party.  We had selected a cake earlier that morning and the kids had made cards for my dad.


They sang a “Happy Veteran’s Day” song that sounded a lot like “Happy Birthday to you”.  🙂

Emma had “written” a play for the day. She entitled it “Help from Above”.  Lucy was an angel and Emma and Cord played soldiers.  Cord would “shoot” Emma and she would fall down.  Lucy, who was wearing fairy wings, would come in and say,”Are you OK?” and then do some motion that imitated a wand and Emma would be healed.  Emma then shot Cord and Lucy did the same with him.  The kids had practiced it several times before our guests arrived and had even made programs for it.  When the actual time to perform it came, Lucy was feeling a little temperamental. When her time to enter the scene came, she looked a little put out to have to come down and check on the fallen soldier.  And then sort of asked”You OK?” and gave the person a little flick of her hand and walked off.  Marian said we should rename the play,”The Reluctant Angel”. 🙂

Cord spent lots of time with his buddy.

Cord kept trying to create situations that would make the girls have to be together and the boys have to spend time together.  He kept asking for a play date with my dad- no girls!

After a fun dinner out, we said goodbye to dad and Marian.  It was such a good visit- so thankful for days like that!


say what? November 11, 2011

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It’s Veteran’s Day and the kids are all home.  Breakfast is being eaten and games are being played.  Emma, Cord and Lucy are making a fort with our bar stools, blankets and couch pillows.  Right now it is a boat and they are boarding the ship. Emma is the cruise director (think Julie on Love Boat). She is welcoming people to the deck and pointing out all the entertainment options that are available.  She has had to make a few adjustments to the boat and after doing so, she declares,” This is my magnum opus!” I look up and stare. She says,” My magnum opus- my great work!”  I ask,”Where did you learn that?!” She says,”Charlotte’s Web.” 🙂


halloween November 7, 2011

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I am a little behind in sharing about the fall.  More kids are in school for more hours a day and yet there have been fewer hours to do things like this.  Strange.  This year, Halloween fell on a Monday.  We had an awesome Square Dance the weekend before it and I had been concentrating all my energy on it.  Monday morning I needed to get my act together and make sure all the kids had costumes to wear and that we had candy to give out.

Lucy was easy- She wanted to wear Minnie Mouse to school that day and then she changed her mind and decided to be Snow White that night.

The dress was a tad bit too long, but after a little safety pinning, she was good to go.

Cord did not want to dress up at school that day, but was fully ready to be Batman that night.  He did end up wearing Auburn gear to school that day and said he was Gene Chizik. At night, he was a full fledged superhero.

He ran the whole time- from house to house.  He was full of energy and loved everything about trick or treating.

Olivia and her friend Ellie wanted to be Mulan and use their costumes from last year’s dance recital.

Emma was full of creativity this year. We had seen a cute costume on Pinterest  that showed a bubble gum machine made out of a clear plastic bag and balloons.  At first she thought that would be great. Then we saw a snow globe version. It has a snow scene inside the clear plastic bag. Emma LOVED it and decided that was her plan. As it got closer to the day, Emma wanted to changed the scene inside.  She wanted Aubie and Samford Hall inside the snow globe.  I begin this project on Halloween morning!


I was worried Emma would not like it- sometimes what we create in our minds doesn’t translate to reality as well as we would like  it to, but she loved it and had a great time that night.

Over the years a couple of families have joined us and it has been so much fun to run the neighborhood with such good buddies.

We made it faster this year than any other.  All the children can walk on their own and most want to run the whole way! Looking forward to doing it again next year.