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halloween November 7, 2011

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I am a little behind in sharing about the fall.  More kids are in school for more hours a day and yet there have been fewer hours to do things like this.  Strange.  This year, Halloween fell on a Monday.  We had an awesome Square Dance the weekend before it and I had been concentrating all my energy on it.  Monday morning I needed to get my act together and make sure all the kids had costumes to wear and that we had candy to give out.

Lucy was easy- She wanted to wear Minnie Mouse to school that day and then she changed her mind and decided to be Snow White that night.

The dress was a tad bit too long, but after a little safety pinning, she was good to go.

Cord did not want to dress up at school that day, but was fully ready to be Batman that night.  He did end up wearing Auburn gear to school that day and said he was Gene Chizik. At night, he was a full fledged superhero.

He ran the whole time- from house to house.  He was full of energy and loved everything about trick or treating.

Olivia and her friend Ellie wanted to be Mulan and use their costumes from last year’s dance recital.

Emma was full of creativity this year. We had seen a cute costume on Pinterest  that showed a bubble gum machine made out of a clear plastic bag and balloons.  At first she thought that would be great. Then we saw a snow globe version. It has a snow scene inside the clear plastic bag. Emma LOVED it and decided that was her plan. As it got closer to the day, Emma wanted to changed the scene inside.  She wanted Aubie and Samford Hall inside the snow globe.  I begin this project on Halloween morning!


I was worried Emma would not like it- sometimes what we create in our minds doesn’t translate to reality as well as we would like  it to, but she loved it and had a great time that night.

Over the years a couple of families have joined us and it has been so much fun to run the neighborhood with such good buddies.

We made it faster this year than any other.  All the children can walk on their own and most want to run the whole way! Looking forward to doing it again next year.


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