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Hanging with my dad November 14, 2011

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Friday, my dad and Marian came to visit us. It was the perfect day to come up here~ Eric was heading out of town for the Men’s Retreat with our church, the kids were out of school and it was Veteran’s Day.  The kids were all so happy to be having a day with their grandaddy. They arrived around lunch and were immediately greeted by 4 happy, talkative, energetic kids.  We ate and caught up on life.  The smaller two kids napped, while the adults tried to make plans for the upcoming holidays.

When the kids woke up, we had a Veteran’s Day party.  We had selected a cake earlier that morning and the kids had made cards for my dad.


They sang a “Happy Veteran’s Day” song that sounded a lot like “Happy Birthday to you”.  🙂

Emma had “written” a play for the day. She entitled it “Help from Above”.  Lucy was an angel and Emma and Cord played soldiers.  Cord would “shoot” Emma and she would fall down.  Lucy, who was wearing fairy wings, would come in and say,”Are you OK?” and then do some motion that imitated a wand and Emma would be healed.  Emma then shot Cord and Lucy did the same with him.  The kids had practiced it several times before our guests arrived and had even made programs for it.  When the actual time to perform it came, Lucy was feeling a little temperamental. When her time to enter the scene came, she looked a little put out to have to come down and check on the fallen soldier.  And then sort of asked”You OK?” and gave the person a little flick of her hand and walked off.  Marian said we should rename the play,”The Reluctant Angel”. 🙂

Cord spent lots of time with his buddy.

Cord kept trying to create situations that would make the girls have to be together and the boys have to spend time together.  He kept asking for a play date with my dad- no girls!

After a fun dinner out, we said goodbye to dad and Marian.  It was such a good visit- so thankful for days like that!


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