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Annual Walk through the Lights November 16, 2011

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This past Saturday we did our annual walk through the lights at the Botanical Gardens.  We have been blessed by pleasant weather for the past two years and it has been so much fun to be able to let the children run a little ahead of us as we walk, instead of having to bundle them all up and carry them or pull them in the wagon.

Emma is standing in the middle of my favorite part. There is a section of all white lights that hang from the trees and light up the whole area like snow.  It is like walking through a fairy land.



The Gardens serve hot chocolate and cookies at the half way point and have cute cut outs to take pictures.  It is all so well done~

This has become one of those events that mark the holidays for me and that we look forward to all year.


One Response to “Annual Walk through the Lights”

  1. Nan-Nan, Mary, Mary Agnes Says:

    My friend, Melanie, from work went on Saturday evening too. One of these days, we want to come play with you and visit the gardens. Love you all.

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