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Night at home December 3, 2011

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Tonight was a great night to be at home.  We ate pizza, started our Christmas countdown calendar, and snuggled up on the couch (all 6 of us) and watched Charlie Brown’s Christmas special.  There were lots of questions from the little ones- “Why doesn’t that boy want to take a bath? (pigpen).”  “Why are those girls so mean to Charlie Brown?” “You can’t use the word “stupid” mom!” Who knew Charlie Brown would cause such concern in them!   We still have lots to do to finish decorating for Christmas and shopping for presents.  Tonight was like a little standstill in time- forgetting all that we have left to do and savoring the warm house on a cold night.


When I first got out of college and was living with my best friends in an apartment. we purchased a live tree and put it in our den.  Over the month of December it dried out and lost TONS of needles.  We had hardwood floors and you could hear the  needles falling off and hitting the floor.  By the end of the season, the tree looked exactly like the Charlie Brown Tree above.  My dad ended up helping me get it out of the apartment and it truly had no needles on it by then.  I have some great pictures of that tree somewhere! Probably should have watered it a little more 🙂


One Response to “Night at home”

  1. Dad Says:

    Yes that was really some tree. Even your grandfather…Popo John the Sr. thought it was just a little bit dry.

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