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What goes around… February 1, 2012

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certainly does come around.  I have had an ideal situation the past couple of years.  Lucy and Cord both take naps in the afternoon, and I spend that time resting, organizing, calling, emailing, or finishing things that require thinking 🙂

Cord has been growing in his restlessness about nap time. If I hold him just right and sing just the right song at just the right pace, he will fall asleep. But after the back trouble at Thanksgiving, I have given that habit up and encouraged him to hop into bed and stay there. Some days are more successful than others.  But as he gets older, he sleeps less and plays more.  Every day there seems to be a little trouble that has occurred during “nap time”.  Walls have been written on, books have been destroyed, toys have been dumped.  I have given him consequences and he will be repentant.  But the desire to get up and do something wins out often.

Today was no exception.  I could hear him moving around. I have allowed him to have two cars in the bed with him to play as long as he STAYS IN BED.  This was obviously not happening.  I called out,”If someone is in the hallway, they better get back in their bed right now so they don’t get in trouble.” 🙂 No sounds of returning to the bed- it is just silent.

I think,”Maybe I misheard him.  Maybe that was house noise and not Cord noise.” Why do I ever doubt my instincts? 🙂

When it was time to pick the girls up from school, I headed upstairs to “wake up” the kids.  Cord’s door to his room is open, but the lights are off.  His bed is empty. His room is empty.  The girls’ room lights are on.  I look around.  No one is there either.  I see the bathroom door closed- I open it. No one is around.  I start to think,”Did he sneak past me and go outside?!!” I recheck his room and the girls’ room.  I call out his name a couple of times.  Nothing.

I reenter the bathroom:


I cannot believe he was in there the whole time. And Why? I ask him and he says,”I didn’t want to be in my bed.” That makes sense.  A thought flashes in my mind…This picture. Of me. In the tub. Hiding from my parents. When I should have been sleeping.

I tell him to hop out. I look him in the eyes and tell him that I expect him to obey me and he heads down the stairs.  I know I should have followed through and given a consequence, but I am amazed at the cycle of life. I am caught by the wonder of little minds that, even after all these years of raising little ones, still surprise me. And I give him a little grace because I think that 3 year old little Susan was hoping for the same thing 30 something years ago 🙂


3 Responses to “What goes around…”

  1. Nan-Nan, Mary, Mary Agnes Says:

    Can’t help but laugh! Cord found a secret hideout area. Looks like a great fort or “man” cave.

  2. Dad Says:

    Cord my man… move! Popo

  3. Dot zellner Says:

    My heart melts with thankfulness for a forgiving mother. My mother made me take a nap into 3rd grade while she taught her piano students for 2 hours or more. Still catching up on my outside time I lost in those years.

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