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same thought, different words February 15, 2012

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I just finished watching a very good interview that Oprah conducted with Viola Davis, the Oscar nominee from the movie The Help. It was a beautiful discussion about her background, her history, and how it has made her so grateful for her life as it is right now. Of course one of the most famous lines in The Help is the quote that Viola repeats to the little girl that she takes care of as she plays the maid in this little girl’s home. Concerned about the little girl’s heart and seeing the lack of attention and care that she receives, Viola repeats,”You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” The little girl says it with her as Viola seeks to implant truth in her heart through the use of repeated phrases.
I have a true desire for my children to know certain truths about themselves and about their God. Repeated phrases help us do that all throughout the day. At first, it seems a little awkward or forced to tell your children certain things and to answer what you have asked them. But the rewards are great as they begin to refer to these mantras in our conversations.
For example, one that I repeat to them often is,” I love you forever, always, no matter what and to pieces.” I say it to each of them at bed time and special snuggle times. But its usefulness comes into play when one of them hears of a very tragic story in which a child is responsible for a terrible accident in a family’s life. Emma looks at me and says,”Mom, I bet if I did that, you could never forgive me.” And so begins a beautiful discussion about accidents, forgiveness, repentance, and love. I ask her,”How do I love you?” and she answers,”You love me forever. You love me always. You love me to pieces.”
“And…”, I say.
“You love me NO MATTER WHAT.”
It is true and she needs to know it- to not doubt it- to be able to count on it. I will not show her that love perfectly, but I will love her no matter what.
There are certain things I want to be like records playing in their minds. I am going to spend a little more time making sure they know what those are.


One Response to “same thought, different words”

  1. Michelle Says:

    just like we need to repeat scripture and truth to ourselves. Thanks, Susan.

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