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My my my my my boogie shoes March 8, 2012

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Dance picture time! The day the tornadoes hit up here we were scheduled to have three daughters take dance pictures and the first night of our missions conference was set for that night. The tornadoes cancelled all activities and the pictures were rescheduled throughout the weekend.

Olivia was up first.  We had gotten her ready for her tap many times. So that was an easy way to begin.

Her next costume is my favorite: they are the bluebirds in Cinderella.

Finally she put on her jazz which is to “Material Girl” by Madonna.  Livy cracks me up about this one. She loves the dance, but the song is about to kill her.  The line that says “Some boys kiss me. Some boys love me. I think that’s OK.” is making her sick to her stomach.  She only imagines little boys in her class, who might be in the audience watching their sisters, hearing this and making fun of her. I am thinking this is one of Madonna’s good songs!

Lucy was the next day. This was the first time that I curled her hair, ever! I loved it so much.  You can’t see it in the pictures because it is in a low ponytail, but it was too cute when it was all down.


Emma was the last to go. She is dancing to “The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”.  I love her costumes. They are so cute on all the girls. This is the year when you see such a huge improvement in their skill level.  I am amazed at what they can accomplish because of their great teachers!

Her jazz dance is to “Life is a Highway”.  The movie Cars has made that a family-favorite for a long time.  Now the whole house sings this song all day long.


Love their studio- love their teachers. Thankful for the place God’s given us to dance.


2 Responses to “My my my my my boogie shoes”

  1. Carlin Says:

    Agh! So cute! Makes my ol’ dancing heart a happy one! These costumes are awesome!

  2. Nan-Nan, Mary, Mary Agnes Says:

    Such cute pictures. I love all those songs. Actually the tornado did you a favor by spreading out pictures over three days instead of one marathon. Let me know if you need a side kick during recitals to dress, hold, curl, etc.

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