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Cord’s turn March 21, 2012

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Several months ago, Cord came home from school and was begging to play T-ball.  He had heard about it at school from his friends and he really wanted to play.  He asked me about it daily, and I would say,”We’ll see.” (very typical mom-phrase that I said I would never use)

We decided that it would be a great thing for him and we signed him up. He asked consistently,”Do I go today?” We would explain that T-ball would start in a few weeks.  After a couple of weeks of this, Cord and I are in the van driving around and he says,”Mom” and I say,”Yes” and he says,”What is T-ball?”  I about died! He had me convinced he knew what it was and that he couldn’t wait to play it.  Turns out, I think he really thought playing whatever this T-ball thing is sounded good if his friends were going to be there too!

We had our first practice last night. His little buddy William is on the same team and they were pumped about practice.


They ran the bases and learned how to bat.


The coaches were so good with them.  They ended in a big team huddle. He was so fired up afterward.  He LOVED it. He might just turn me into a baseball fan 🙂


2 Responses to “Cord’s turn”

  1. Matt Says:

    Is cord wearing is auburn football pants to t-ball practice?

  2. zellner Says:

    Oh yeah he is. He picked that out for practice 🙂 He cannot wait to get a uniform. I imagine he will be wearing that as often as lucy is wearing her princess dress!

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