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The Superhero Academy May 5, 2012

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Cord and his fellow superheroes-in-training reported to the Superhero Academy today (and celebrated Cord’s 5th birthday).

The “trainees” started by looking like Superheroes. They either came dressed as one or we added some face paint to help them out.  Next, we worked on our Mighty Muscles.


After proving they were strong, the “trainees” had to vaporize the villains (with silly string).


Thank goodness we had lots of older siblings around to be our villains.

After defeating the bad guys, the trainees had to rescue a treasure (glow sticks) from a box full of “hot rocks” and then leap tall buildings in a single bound (or jump off a picnic table that was nearby).

After graduating from the Academy, they received a box that had a superhero medal and Superhero energy drink.

Since they officially graduated, they got to meet the special guest.




Batman chased the kids and took pictures 🙂 He might have been a little hot out there! He did end up having an admirer.

We had so much fun with our friends and Grammy and Bill. They all endured a hot day, bouts of rain, and moving to several locations.  They are “super friends”.

** All these ideas came from pinterest, specifically from


One Response to “The Superhero Academy”

  1. thebluehutch Says:

    Look at you pulling off the greatest little boy party!! Makes me want to plan one too…

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