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mother’s day 2012 May 14, 2012

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We were able to see so many loved ones this mother’s day. Saturday started with a fun mother/son event at church. The sons served their moms lunch, played taboo and pictionary, and decorated cupcakes- the mother/son team with the highest score won a gift package for a manicure/pedicure for her and movie tickets for him. We had some top-notch cupcakes~ Turns out some of those engineer-minded sons have a good eye for detail and can build some impressive creations! I shared a quote that Abraham Lincoln said about his mom,”I remember my mother’s prayers and they have followed me. They have clung to me all my life.”  As mothers of children who are growing up so quickly, we see that they are rightly growing more independent and making more decisions alone- having more freedom.  Our best thing we can do is love them well, pray for them diligently.

“Youth fades, love droops, the leaves of friendship fall, a mother’s secret hope outlives them all.” oliver wendell holmes

Later that day Eric and the children were able to go see his mom in Nashville. They spent time with her and visited his dad in the hospital.  We are very aware that our upcoming move is taking us farther away from our families, and on future mother’s days we may not be able to visit the ladies that mean so much to us. The children were able to snuggle up with c-dub (grandaddy) and enjoy dot dot.

On Sunday, we went to church and then drove to Birmingham to see my mom.  We were able to spend a couple of hours with her, as well as my sister and my niece. Those days are so precious to us. There was a lot of dress up, singing, and wrestling.  Just like we like it!

I then took the kiddos to see my grandmother, Babe. She was at my aunt’s house, so we got to visit with lots of family for  an hour. I can’t think of something I enjoy more than seeing family on holidays.  I love catching up, kissing the littlest “grainger”, hearing how lives are changing and growing, getting in lots of good hugs, and planning for our next visits 🙂

My sweet husband bought me a bundt cake from “nothing bundt cakes”in Huntsville. It was beautiful! Red velvet with chocolate chips and cream cheese icing. It was wrapped so beautifully.  What a fun surprise- thoughtful and delicious.

I got to spend the weekend with friends and family. I tried to soak up every blessing.

This morning, Cord and I saw a commercial for Huggies wipes that showed a very messy baby eating. Cord said,”Babies sure are messy! Is that why you didn’t have a lot of children- because they are so messy?”  I thought,”What a wonder- that he doesn’t think we have a lot of children. He thinks there is room for more.”  I know I am blessed to have as many as I have- blessed to have healthy children, blessed to have money to raise them, blessed to have food to feed them, blessed to have family to love them, blessed to have pictures they drew of me, blessed to have a poster that listed why they love me, blessed to have 8 little eyes looking at me and 8 little ears listening to me.  May I be rightly grateful for the privilege and rightly aware of the responsibility.

“What you teach your children is what you really believe in” cathy warner weatherford


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  1. Nan-Nan, Mary, Mary Agnes Says:

    My morning ritual….reading blogs first thing. Thank you for starting my day off just right as usual. So thankful you were able to make it to Birmingham for a visit on Sunday. We all loved seeing you and your “little” family. We missed Eric! I love the way your children think. Have a good one and love to all.

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