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surprises that I want to remember July 3, 2012

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Today, we ran normal errands- back to Walmart because I needed to buy blueberries and strawberries to make our 4th of July dessert. There was a RedBox at the store and we rented our very first movie from one today. Winnie the pooh. We picked up my book club book: The Dummy Line. I am going to go to the local library’s book club in three weeks and see what it is like. We came home and the girls read for their summer reading while the little ones had room time. We had our wireless WiFi installed today by the husband of our church secretary. He was so sweet to stop by and make sure it worked well for us! Happiness for all the Zellners!

We went swimming at our sweet neighbor’s house. She had made us a plate of brownies a couple of days ago, so we were taking her plate back with thank you notes that the kids had made and a plant for her home. While we were swimming, her sister-in-law who lives right behind her came over and met us. While we visited she mentioned that she had a fig tree and she would love to share some with us. She went home and brought us back a plate full of figs. As we are thanking her, Cord hopped out of the pool and was eating them. He loved them! Then Emma Frances did, then Lucy and Olivia. They all tried them and all liked them! I couldn’t believe it.

We walked home and I noticed something that looked like a wind chime hanging on our front porch. When I saw it I thought it must be from a girl that goes to our church- she is very talented and creative and it looked like something she would make. I wasn’t sure, but was going to check it out the next day. As we were cooking the 4th of July dessert, she knocked on the door! She had an apple pie in her hand and was coming to see if we had noticed it. The pie was beautiful and delicious!

We have had tomatoes dropped off, bran muffins, homemade granola, salads, pies, brownies- each time, the person very humbly drops it off and welcomes us to the Delta. So we are eating wonderfully and thankful for the kindness. Tomorrow we’ve been invited to celebrate with some new friends and have dinner with a family from church. Thankful for so many people who have included us in their lives.


One Response to “surprises that I want to remember”

  1. Dot Zellner Says:

    So thankful to know what blessings are happening in your lives.

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