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Sent by the one who was sent July 9, 2012

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Eric’s installation service was Sunday night. This is the service where the presbytery installs Eric as the head pastor of First Presbyterian. There is a group of men who serve on the commission and participate in the service.

These men are both pastors and elders in our presbytery and we were very thankful for their involvement.  Two other men in this picture are the pastors of churches that we have attended and who preached and charged Eric and the congregation. Dr Charlie Wingard is the head pastor at Westminster Presbyterian in Huntsville and Eric served as the Associate Pastor at his church.  He gave Eric his charge in the service.  He reminded him that he must continue what he has been doing- to love his family, to study and pray so his preaching would be fruitful, to be with the suffering and sick, and to work with his elders. Charlie and his wife Lynne hold a very special place in our hearts and I almost did the “ugly cry” as he spoke. Here is a man that knows us and has labored so well beside us- he has wanted good things for us and has endeavored to prepare us for this day.  It was too much for this sentimental girl! His charge to Eric was exactly what Eric needs to do and we are hoping to have a copy of his words to read over the years.

Dr Alan Carter preached for the service and charged the congregation. He focused on the idea that we are a sent people. Because we are good presbyterians ( 🙂 ) we believe that things are not by chance or luck- we believe our God ordains things to happen.  It is no accident that I now live in Indianola. It is no accident that my kids will be raised here. It is no accident that I will shop in this town, eat in this town, walk in this town, join book clubs in this town.  He encouraged us to change the idea of missions in our minds from one who pastors in a far away land to one who is sent. Each person has been sent to where he or she is. He encouraged us to see that we interact with people all day in the places where we are, where we recreate, where we study, where we live. And by the power of the Holy Spirit, we hope to make connections with this town and share about the hope that we have in Christ. Our prayer is that God truly will use his people to be a Light in the Delta.

Eric’s parents were able to be there because his brother drove 6 hours Sunday morning and 6 hours Sunday evening to bring them here and take them home.  I cannot tell you what a gift that was to us.  Eric’s daddy has been sick over the past few weeks and every chance we get to see him makes us thankful!


It was so fun to show Dot Dot around the yard- I cannot wait for her to come back and help me dream big dreams for the back yard! I think she will like walking around this precious town too.

So now Eric is officially installed 🙂 So I think they are stuck with us for a while 🙂




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