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daily bread July 14, 2012

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“‘When one is thirsty, one quenches one’s thirst by drinking, not by reading books which treat of this condition.’ If we are dying of thirst, passively reading books about water quenches little.” Ann Voskamp  One Thousand Gifts

I have had many great conversations over the years with ladies in which we share what our lives are like, what our homes are like, what our struggles are, what our desires are- Often we say that we want to grow in our faith more. We want to know God more and believe His promises.  We mention knowing that we would be better wives, mothers and friends if we were in His Word more. We know it- in our brains. But something happens on the way to doing something about it. We let it slip by and we move on to practical things around us- laundry, dinner, childcare, errands, other books or shows that will entertain us. We don’t stop and we think that yesterday’s manna will be good for today- or make that last month’s manna or last year’s manna- whenever it was we last picked up His word and actively engaged in time with Him.

We let sermons we hear or conversations we have replace actively reading the Bible, actively communicating with our God through prayer, actively worshipping him in praise and thanksgiving, repentance and faith.  It’s like we are sitting in the restaurant and noting what someone else has eaten and we wonder why we are still hungry ourselves. Ann Voskamp’s book one thousand gifts touches on the connection between being thirsty or hungry, spiritually speaking, and the act of thanking God for his gifts-the act of engaging with our Lord.

“I may have always known that change takes real intentionality, like a woman bent over her garden beds every day with a spade.” Voskamp

Just like real eating means we pick up the food and put it in our mouth, real growth means that we learn about Him and actively engage with what He has told us.  God never meant for the Israelites to be able to scoop up the manna that He provided and live on that one provision- The manna actually rotted if they saved it. He wanted them to come to His provision the next meal and the next meal.  Satisfying themselves with His provision each meal.  I am challenged to go to Him- to spend time with Him. I know we are settling into a new job- our eyes are wide open, our hearts are full of hope, our desire is that the Lord would do mighty things in the lives of the people here.  But right now I know He is calling me to Him. To read His word and trust Him. To know Him so well that I have no doubts. To grow personally in looking more and more like Him, with my eyes on my very own heart. He is the place I will look and His is the plan I will trust.


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