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Learning to cook July 18, 2012

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The ladies at our church have done a two part series about cooking this summer. Tonight was the second part. We learned how to make several appetizers and two desserts. We brought our knives and aprons and filled up the kitchen. The first thing we worked on was an olive appetizer.  Baked olives with orange and lemon zest.  You serve the olives with baked almonds and cheese.


Next we worked on tomato aspic that can be topped with olive salad and sour cream or topped with ham, spicy corn and mango salsa and sour cream.


We learned to properly cut bell peppers and used them later for a curry dip.  We used the ends on a cheese cake as decoration. (not cheesecake, but a cake of cheese made in a spring form pan)


We worked on a bruschetta appetizer- topped with a tomato salsa, mozzarella and basil with a side of stuffed snap peas (they were stuffed with a lemon garlic cheese)


The two desserts were also in mini version.  The first was a key lime that we added homemade whip cream and a slice a key lime. The second dessert was a chocolate mousse with coconut and toasted almonds topped with homemade whip cream and slice of orange.


I tried it all and loved each dish.  I think I can make them and I am so thankful to be trying new foods and really liking them.  It’s fun!



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