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mutts, mowing and making forts July 23, 2012

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We have had a pretty productive week and it has been so good! We bought a dog at the rescue center in Cleveland. Her name is going to be Missy.  She is part golden and part lab.  There were so many to choose from, but Missy was laid back, didn’t bark much, and laid down on my feet to have her belly rubbed. She won our hearts. We get to pick her up this Wednesday. Today we went to Walmart and tried to decide what to buy for her. We have NOTHING and we know NOTHING.  I thankfully have a friend in Huntsville who trains dogs- she stayed on the phone with me as I walked through Walmart asking a million questions. She is going to be on speed dial for a little while!


(All of the helpers at the rescue center wore these pants- looks like felons run the place, but they aren’t- they were so sweet!)

To get ready for Missy, we did our front and back yard today. Everything is growing so fast. I love to mow; it is like vacuuming to me. You get immediate, big results for little effort. Eric did all the weed eating and we were able to knock the whole yard out after dinner.

The kids have been playing pretty well together today. Olivia and Cord were dressed alike today (orange pineapple willy tshirts and blue jeans) and emma frances and lucy were dressed alike (bathing suits). Each pair made a fort this afternoon in their closets. They watched a movie on the portable DVD player or computer and were really sweet to each other. They got the brilliant idea to sleep there tonight. I figure there could be lots more difficult “camping” situations than this right now, so I let them. So far I don’t hear anything. But I do want to note that two people are sleeping in each closet and that our whole house has HARDWOODs.  I told them not to wake me up in the middle of the night- just crawl in the bed nearest you! We’ll update tomorrow how it goes 🙂


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