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didn’t see that coming July 26, 2012

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Wednesday morning, we were supposed to pick up our new dog at the rescue center after she had been spayed. Our phone rang that morning and the center called to say she died from complications. I didn’t know what that meant, but I knew that it meant we had a hard job to do- tell our kids.

We shared with them what we knew and there were tears. We had prayed that God would direct us to the right dog. So there were questions about that- Didn’t God know that she was going to die? Why would He have us pick her first? Was He wrong? Were we wrong? In some ways the dog passing was not a big deal- we hadn’t spent tons of time with her; she had never been to our home. But to our children, it was a big deal. We had included our children in praying about the decisions, so now there were lots of questions as we watched God’s plan unfold.

We decided to go ahead and look for a new dog that day- we went to the rescue center in Indianola and saw a few, but we knew the dogs in Cleveland where we originally were.  We had seen Mugsy the first time we were there. She is a terrier mix- supposedly she is house trained and reacts to several commands. She was great with the kids and they decided they liked her best.


She was such a sweet girl on the car ride home. She has been enjoying the grass outside and has been very good with the kids. We had our elders and their families over for dinner last night, and Mugsy did great with 8 children around.

We kept the name that she had at the shelter- we had already used our girl name for a pet and decided we liked mugsy just the way she came.

I don’t know why the children experienced getting a dog the way that they did- maybe we won’t know. But I am thankful that they got to see that a dog is not a toy- it has a life- and it can lose its life. Dogs aren’t games we play with and then leave alone because we are tired of them. They need us and need our time and our attention- our love and our care for them. I also am very thankful that we didn’t bring the dog home and then lose her. God was gracious to us to do it that way.

Mugsy is one and a half. We are hoping we have lots of life with this girl!


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