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six weeks July 31, 2012

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Our summer has felt a little surreal. How strange to be driving my car to a new school, picking up school supplies and seeing the kiddos’ classrooms.  I was following behind them today as we were walking through the school hallways and I had a mixture of peace and awe as we walked. They were in front of me skipping along the sidewalk between the buildings and they are talking all at once and it was a little like their voices disappeared or muted and I was just glancing at the scene and taking it in.  They are doing well here and I am so thankful for that.

Tonight we had some new friends over. The table was filled with our family plus five others and again that strange surreal sensation came to me. After eating dinner, we hung out watching the olympics and I thought to myself,”I didn’t know them six weeks ago.” How kind of God to bring us to a place where we can make friends and people are so welcoming. Again I thought,” We are doing well here and I am so thankful.”

Our backyard has a dog in it 🙂 We talk about what she is doing and how she ate today.  I didn’t do that six weeks ago.

We swam today- Both Cord and Lucy don’t use floaties anymore. They can cross the pool, they can jump off the diving board, they can slide down the slide and they can dive for toys. They couldn’t do that six weeks ago.

We’ve already covered the fact that I have eaten more new things in six weeks than I would ever have imagined: tomato aspic, tuna salad, catfish allison, curry dip with bell peppers, tomatoes… It has been good for me.

six weeks…a good six weeks.


One Response to “six weeks”

  1. Sallye Grainger Says:

    So happy that the six weeks have been good!! I always told the boys (when Auburn was on the quarter system) that you can do anything for 3 months. I know with each day Indianola will become the home you love.
    Love ya,

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