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Lucy’s turn August 10, 2012

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Lucy has been watching her older siblings visit their new school, pick up their school supplies, meet their teachers, and start their school year. Today, it was her turn.  We went to her school today to meet her teacher and let her see the classroom. Yesterday, I watched the other three and wondered how some of them would handle going to a new school.  I saw nerves, a certain shyness in a couple of them, a seriousness as they took in their new environment. I wondered how Lucy would react- she would be going on her own after all- no siblings to walk in with her.

We pulled up in the parking lot and Eric opened her door. She looks around and says,”Where are my friends?” 🙂

She skipped inside and went with a group of kids to play on the playground while we attended the parents’ portion of the meeting.


Her teacher is precious. Her class has lots of girls and two adorable little boys.  I loved what I heard as the teacher described the year.

Afterward Eric and I took her to the doughnut shop to celebrate her milestone.

That is a coconut doughnut- weird choice! But she ate every bite.



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