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Tea Parties August 13, 2012

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When we got home from our trip to Birmingham, we had an invitation to a tea party, scheduled on the first full day of school. A dear lady in our church had invited all the girls to a tea party at The Crown.  I have been so eager to eat there- it is a well known and well loved restaurant and I knew it would be a great experience. I picked up the kids from school, dropped off cord with his daddy, and headed to the restaurant. I was not prepared for how amazing this party was going to be!


Hats for everyone…                                                                       Delicious food…



A beautiful table…                                 Fans…

  Our hostess with the mostess!!

 They practiced their manners, tried some new foods, and learned to talk and visit with ladies.

   Each of us received a little bag with jewelry in it- a necklace that had  a charm that represented the tea party, such as a tea cup, a tea pot, a tiny plate with cake.  As the girls thanked Mrs Pat, she walked them out and gave them colorful boas!

I cannot tell you how much this tea party encouraged us. To think that this sweet lady would go to so much trouble and do so many thoughtful things for our children was overwhelming to me. She had already welcomed them to this town and  to our church and now to their school by marking it with such a fun party.

We agreed we need to do this again around the holidays!


One Response to “Tea Parties”

  1. Sallye Grainger Says:

    What a lovely afternoon. Tea parties are fabulous!!!

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