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the goodness of God’s people August 16, 2012

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Some of you know that I have had a heavy heart for my oldest daughter as she has been transitioning to a new school and a new town. She has done a great job so far, has had an upbeat attitude all summer, has been sharing about what God has been teaching her through this time, and has made efforts to jump in knowing it is just going to be tough for a little while. Monday night was a point where the newness of school and the moments of trying to figure out how to jump in to this new culture overwhelmed her and she was sad and wishing to return to our old life.

I asked for prayer for her and for me.

These last few days have been so sweet to see God answer that. The encouragement on facebook that my friends are praying for us lightened my heart. The examples of situations that others went through reminded me it is common to man to have loneliness and face uncertainty. The email messages brought joy to my heart that in this wide world people are aware of her and care deeply for her.

The past two days have been better for both of us 🙂 Cheerleading started and she was able to jump in to that. I am so thankful that she is sharing an activity with her classmates and doing something she loves.

But it has been the goodness of God’s people that has amazed me- Our thoughtful church secretary, Dorothy,  has been praying for us and she brought by a gift for livy yesterday. She had gone to the Crown (a fabulous restaurant in town with great gifts ideas too) and the owner of the Crown, whose children attend our school, remembered that I had posted olivia’s new locker picture on facebook. She looked it up and matched a new accessory for it. Dorothy brought it over all wrapped up in the Crown’s cute packaging with a card of encouragement. WOW.

Yesterday, around 2:30 I got a text from a lady that goes to our church and who teaches at the school. She texted to tell me that she had checked on Olivia and reported that she was smiling and running around with a group of sweet girls and she had even seen her high five someone during their game. I would never know that kind of thing and I am so grateful to have a sweet “insider” who spies on her and is a place of safety for my children.

This morning my cell phone rang around 7:15. It was one of my college friends who had just come here to go to the Viking Cooking School in July. She had spent time with the girls recently and they think she is amazing, beautiful and cool 🙂 She teaches 3rd grade and knows just what Olivia and all the children have been feeling. She just called to say hi to them and be her sweet cheerful self. She talked to Olivia and Emma Frances (knowing that the 3rd grader would be wanting to have just as much phone time as the 5th grader).

I am so grateful that when we are sad that God provides hugs. Human interactions that are right here in front of us to help us along. We aren’t experiencing anything unusual; the children are sweet here and the adults are welcoming and thoughtful. We are just transitioning. We are just making friends. I am getting to see the town’s thoughtfulness because we are new. I am getting to see the adults in Olivia’s life who are encouraging her. I am getting to see the small things that make a big difference. I am getting to see the goodness of God’s people.


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  1. Sallye Grainger Says:

    God is so Good!!!

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