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Go Colonels August 21, 2012

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There is something amazing when you find something you love to do and it makes the rest of life feel good too. Olivia started cheering last week. She LOVES it! It is a pee wee team at her school and they just sign up for it. The 5th and 6th grade girls are eligible, so she can do this next year too. She has been practicing, cheering, dancing, jumping, and clapping all over the house. Today is her first game.

They wear their uniforms to school on game days, so that made it even more fun 🙂

This has been a blessing- not just because she loves it, but because it provided a way to spend time with girls her age, doing a shared experience and building memories with them.

Tonight my sweet mom will be here and get to see her first game. That is a blessing to me! Now I have to get used to yelling,”Go Colonels!”


One Response to “Go Colonels”

  1. Sallye Grainger Says:

    Way to go Olivia!!!
    Susan, take lots of pictures. Hope to see you soon,
    Love ya,

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