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Mom’s 1st visit August 24, 2012

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Mom came this week and it was so much fun for us. The kids have been so eager for her to visit and see their new home and I have been eager to show her around too. She arrived on Tuesday in time to see Olivia’s first time to cheer at a football game. She was a trooper to sit through two pee wee games.


She gave lots of cuddles and snuggles (to all of us 🙂 ). She loved the house, the town and the people that she met. I loved that she was able to see what a blessing the house is that we live in. Now when we talk, she can “see” us in each room. The kids were gone to school in the morning, so we were able to spend time together too- eating lunch out one day and hanging  in our house with sweet Mugsy the other morning.

She also babysat for us so we could go to the B B King concert in town. He comes each year for a Homecoming concert, since he lived around here and his museum is in this town. There is an open air concert first, then he moves to his club, Club Ebony, for a personal concert. We really wanted to experience it. I think he is 86 years old and every year they say it could be the last concert he performs here. But he looked healthy and able when we saw him. What a privilege to hear The King of the Blues.



He was funny and gracious and patient with all of the throngs of people who wanted to shake his hand, get a picture with him, or have him sign something. Great night of music by one of the best!

We continue to uncover unique and special things about this area. My prayer is that we will continue to know the people, see God’s word go forth here, and be thankful for a Sovereign God who knew what He was doing when He placed us here.


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