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Garden club September 11, 2012

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Today I was invited to attend Indianola’s Garden Club. This meeting was a first for me. I have not attended a garden club meeting before- I do remember my mom going to garden club when I was growing up and my mother in law has been a member of one in Nashville. But those ladies make sense going to a garden club meeting- they know about flowers and can take care of them in their yards. I know nothing. The information just does not stay in my brain.

So I attended this first meeting proclaiming that I know nothing and that I can offer nothing. 🙂

Par for the course in the Delta, the meeting included an awesome meal and beautiful tables. Their version of potluck is like going to an Ole Miss tailgate- great food, good china and beautiful decorations. I sat by some sweet ladies and really enjoyed getting to know people. I heard what they will be learning over the year and one of the ladies shared a tip about Drift Roses.

I took notes 🙂 I really think I can use this information. Drift roses are a cross between miniature roses and knockout roses. They are hearty and repeat bloomers. They need little maintenance and bloom from spring to november. They need sun and pruning should be done on Valentine’s day. (easy to remember to prune roses on valentine’s 🙂 )

Thankful to be invited to the meeting and getting to know more about the people in town and God’s creation. Time well spent.


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