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visits to the delta October 16, 2012

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This week has been so much fun! We have had a great week of visitors. It began with our dear friends the Kennedys. They came for their fall break. They arrived on Saturday afternoon and stayed until Thursday morning. As soon as they arrived and we had all hugged each other, we took them on a tour of Indianola. We went to see the church and walked all around town and saw the bayou.


Monday my kids were out of school for fall break too. We drove to Cleveland and went to a model train museum. It was Awesome! They have a scavenger hunt that is a list of items to look for in the display (a certain coal car, a pepsi delivery truck, a moonshine still) Afterward, we walked the downtown and got snowcones at the Sweetery, It was a gorgeous off day and tons of fun.


The next days, my children went to school each day while the kennedys hung out with us. Eric and Jason had an awesome time shooting one afternoon, while Julie and I had a chance to eat at a great diner in Greenwood the next afternoon. Julie went to biblestudies with me. Their family went to church with us and they were able to meet so many of our new dear friends. We walked to pick up Lucy each day. They really lived life with us. One night we had a great time eating with our mutual friends, the Jones family.

 12 happy faces around the kids table- thankful for each one.

This family is always so gracious to have us over and we always enjoy every minute. The kids played and played while we got to visit. It is rare that you get to have family friends in which each person has someone to enjoy. These two families are awesome blessings to us. Now when my friend Julie and I talk, she knows the place I am talking about or the person that I mention. Too fun!


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