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where is my brain? October 25, 2012

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What a crazy morning- I just had the silliest series of events unravel and I think this must be what people feel like as they discover they are “forgetting” things.

We have an AWESOME pre school teacher, Miss Valarie. She is also becoming a dear friend. Thank goodness when you read the crazy statements I made to her this morning…

I have had on my calendar “bites” for Wednesday, Oct 24th.  Our preschool sends home a calendar and it is on there too- “bites”.  I made a mental note to ask what it meant, but focused on the beginning of the week first. This morning as I was making the kids’ lunches, Lucy comes in and says she is supposed to bring lunch to school today. She has been known to lie 🙂 So I ask LOTS of questions and she demonstrates that they will bring food and bite it. I realize that this must be what “Bites” are!! So I call her teacher (at 7:41 am and school starts at 7:45)  and I ask her,”Is Lucy supposed to bring something to eat to school today?”

She sounds a little hesitant.  She say something like,”We shared foods yesterday so that the students could focus on the sense of taste, but it is no big deal. If she wants to send in some today, little grapes or something.” I say,” I am so sorry. I have it on the calendar for today.” She says sweetly and utterly confused,”today. It was on today’s calendar?” I confidently say,”Yes. Today’s. I am so sorry!.”

I pack her some pretzels to share with her class and head to the door and it hits me…..It is Thursday! I have been thinking it is Wednesday and I am completely off. It was on Wednesday’s date on the calendar, but TODAY is THURSDAY.  Good grief.

So I get my phone out to text her that I am crazy and thought today was Wednesday and I see this text:

“Tomorrow is “bites” day..just wanted to remind you :)”

OH MY. She also has gone to the trouble of texting me on Tuesday so that I would remember to bring “bites” on Wednesday and I didn’t even see it!! So I have to text her that 1) I thought today was Wednesday 2) I wrongly confidently told you it was on today’s calendar 3) I didn’t see your reminder text 4) I still have your die cut machine that I borrowed last week.

This patient teacher knows that I forgot HAT DAY last week for Lucy and she graciously tried to help me remember “bites day”. I think I am turning into that mom- the one that is constantly having to go back to the school to bring up what she forgot. ugh. I hate being that mom.


**by the way, I am typing this as I look at one shaved leg and one unshaved leg. I literally forgot to shave the other leg in my shower two days ago…I haven’t even fixed the problem yet. Ugh, again.


4 Responses to “where is my brain?”

  1. Becky Says:

    I. Didn’t think I could love you more and then I read this!!

  2. Nan-Nan, Mary, Mary Agnes Says:

    Oh Susan. You make me laugh. It is almost November. So why don’t you just start No-Shave November now. Love you and your stories.

  3. zellner Says:

    that would be awesome nan nan- if it didn’t make me sick to look at 🙂

  4. You are such mom a fab mom, wife, and friend. If you didn’t have these days the rest of us would be wondering what was wrong with you. We have all been there!!!! But I still got a good laugh from this blog post….oh and by the way, the no shave November sounds like it should become a national holiday. I would start a petition but I am afraid that husbands everywhere would be after me ;)!!!!

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