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delta missions November 4, 2012

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We have had the joy of getting to know Rev. Herron Wilson and a ministry that he started many years ago, Delta Missions. This ministry has made a huge impact in our town. There is a Saturday children’s program, a Wednesday senior citizens’ program, a women’s study,and a men’s study. In the summer they host a huge VBS. Rev. Wilson attended Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson (and graduated first in his class, I might add). He is a single man who has dedicated his life to this ministry and this town. He also has to do dialysis every night and has been waiting for a kidney for over 4 years.  A group of ladies in town, who represent the area churches, has begun to meet to come alongside this ministry and hopefully relieve some of the pressure that has been present. I have been saying,”Delta Missions needs some deacons 🙂 ”

Yesterday, they held their annual fall carnival for the children that they minister to. It was such a beautiful fall day and the kids were precious! We had volunteers from area churches, the junior auxiliary, local high school honor societies, and local youth groups. The typical fun games were all there.

 cake walk  face paint

 egg walk lucky ducks

I have a new friend at the mission- she is Rev. Wilson’s assistant, Sara. Sara made food coupons for all the children and they could turn them in at the food station- hot dogs (donated by sonic), snow cones, nachos, caramel apples, drinks,pop corn and flavored pickles.

The day was a huge success. While we were there, several volunteers asked how you get involved with this ministry. Rev. Wilson had a great idea of having churches volunteer for a Saturday morning. We did ours last month, so now I am better able to explain what that includes. We had around 10 people, plus lots of our own children. A couple of the volunteers prepared lunch (the mission buys the food, we just prepared it). Some greeted and then went to the classrooms for the teaching time ( there is already a curriculum and we were helpers. One of us taught the lesson for 3rd-5th graders). Some helped outside for recreation- they have basketball courts and a playground (if it rains, they have an indoor game room and board games). Some helped with a craft. (we brought the craft and only chose to do it with the lower elementary kids.) Rev. Wilson does a lesson at the beginning and he calls them to order for lunch as well.

It was much easier than I expected it to be. Volunteering is one of those things that seems daunting at first because you can’t figure out how to do it sometimes and what you will be doing. We are hoping that as some systems get into place at the mission, it will be easy to sign up with a group of people and that volunteers will feel comfortable because they know what they will be doing. I have found many to be eager to help, they just need to know how to do it.

I am so thankful for what God is doing in the lives of these children through this ministry and we are praying that God will continue the work and that He will provide Rev. Wilson with a kidney. Please join us in praying for Rev. Wilson’s health and stamina.



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  1. Dot Zellner Says:

    Makes me want to drive 7 hours to be a volunteer. Thanks for sharing the exciting news.

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