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Santa is watching November 27, 2012

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Each year my children receive a message from Santa. He is still at the North pole, but apparently he has a portable camera and sends them messages that confirm that he knows if they have been naughty or nice. He emailed today. I had each one of them separately watch the message so I could watch each reaction.



He showed them his library where each child’s book is. He opens the book that has his or her name on it and there is a picture of the child. He mentions how old they are and what grade they are in. He shows them the elves working on their present and he shows them where they live on the map.

The parent can pick lots of options and one of the areas is what the child has been working on that year. You have the option of choosing whether they have been successful at it. I thought I should probably say all of them had been hardworkers and were definitely on the nice list.

And then as I started to load Olivia’s email to show her, I heard World War 3 happening in the bedroom. I immediately changed my mind and decided to change the request on one of the emails to indicate that Santa can tell the child has been working and he knows the child can do even better!

I reloaded that child’s email right before said child got to see it.

It worked like a charm. Said child was amazed and a little humbled. I did get video of lucy watching her message. I wish I had thought to do that with the other ones as well.

I am soooo excited about this Christmas season.




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