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Christmas morning December 25, 2012

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First thing in the morning.

DSC_0304  DSC_0307

DSC_0309 DSC_0354

Each of them received one special gift from Santa.

Then Santa left arrows on the ground and instructions to find the gift he left the family.

DSC_0315 A trampoline!!! Notice Cord is mad we are all screaming.

Then it was time to open presents from us to the kids. What could it be? A Bag of Balloons?

DSC_0323 DSC_0326 DSC_0290DSC_0329




Breakfast. Emma Frances helped me make Christmas Tree Waffles.

DSC_0344  DSC_0345

DSC_0352  Cord’s gator battery had died. He asked for a new gator AND a trailer. Well, Santa definitely thought that was too much. Eric and Cord spray painted his old gator with john deere green paint. But it still didn’t run. It was also an old gator and did not have a trailer hitch. But when Cord went outside this morning- in the rain, in the cold- his gator had a new battery!! AND a TRAILER HITCH. He drove around in the carport for a while so happy that Santa fixed his gator.

Such a good morning.




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