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how my brain works January 22, 2013

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It works about a million miles a minute some times and other times it hits a wall and is totally blank. Since moving here, it has done this numerous times. When it is firing off ideas, I can almost not keep up with the thoughts, dreams, and vision that I see for this town and for our church. When it is blank, I find myself wondering if I will ever think an intelligent, useful thought again.

I am going to write down some ideas here so I can remember some of the things that I would love to see happen here.

1)The Children- I would love to do a girls’ club with the children in the girls’ grades. I can see a 3rd grade lunch group and a 5th grade lunch group for the girls. We could eat every other week during lunch. My hope is that they will grow closer to one another as they learn about how the Lord would have us to live. The JOY club- Jesus others you. I would love to see them build lasting friendships before the middle school years hit and girl friendships get harder. I miss investing in teenagers/ students.

2)Exercise- I miss DANCETRANCE. I love that form of exercise more than any other kind. It is the only thing that I want to do every time and don’t dread it. But, it is not present here. I have a huge hope to write a grant to fund a year’s license fee of DanceTrance- I want to be able to offer a class somewhere free in Indianola Monday, Wednesday, Friday. This area of the country needs healthy options- exercise options- I need healthy exercise options. Who knows if this will ever happen. I just see great things happening from this idea.

3)Investing- I would love to teach a little bit at IA. I want to do a little teaching- get to know the school better, know the students better, and have fun doing something I haven’t done in a little while. Did I say I miss investing in teenagers/ students? 🙂

4) Church-Grow in knowing each member of our church better/ as well as visitors that come. Whether it is through our circle times (bookstudies), or fellowships, or having them in our home, I hope to grow in my thoughtfulness to have people in our home. I love getting to hear people’s stories and know that relationships need these shared experiences to develop and deepen. I am praying that 2013 will be characterized by this.

5) Missions- specifically Delta Missions- I am thankful for this ministry and love being able to help when they have needs. I like to organize, so in whatever way that can help, I would like to do that. Right now we are signing up local churches to fill Saturday slots. I like being home in the morning to be able to pursue some of these things. Lucy comes home in the afternoon this year,so I am enjoying her while I can. She loves to do some of these things with me, and she ends up being a great motivator! She always suggests that we “run errands”. Today we got butcher paper to make calendars for Delta Missions and she helped me glue things on. She wanted me to make sure I told them she helped 🙂

These are just a few dreams in my mind. Who knows what God will do.

In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9

I fully believe that He will do what is best for this town and for our family- I just love to see how it all unfolds. Prayers much appreciated for wisdom and open doors.