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refreshment March 6, 2013

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Tonight I had the privilege of attending a fundraising banquet for the Women’s Resource Center in Cleveland. This ministry functions like Save a Life in birmingham and Choose Life in Huntsville, ministries we cared very much for while we lived there. I was eager to hear what Women’s Resource offered and what their needs were. The director shared their needs and ways that we could help.

The banquet was a blessing- but God used more than just the banquet to bless me. I had the privilege of riding over to Cleveland with three special ladies from Indianola. The kind of ladies that have a love for God’s word, whose faith encourages me, and whom I have watched live out their faith. I shared a prayer request that is dear to my heart- one that involves parents finding out difficult news about their little one. These ladies wrote down the names of the family. We sat in silence for a little bit and then one lady turned to me and asked if we could pray for them right then. She is a mother and her heart was breaking for my dear friends. We each prayed for them- through tears- reminding ourselves that God will be an ever present help in times of trouble. I was overwhelmed by their hearts and their compassion. I am so thankful that there are ladies lifting up my request and taking it seriously, even though they have not met the ones in need. They know and believe that God hears our prayers and that He brings comfort and help.

What a refreshment it is to be among believers such as these.


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