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Easter 2013 March 31, 2013

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This was our first year for Eric to preach the Easter sermon. In years past, he has been the assistant pastor and Sunday night services were always cancelled. It was also, I might add, my first attempt to cook a ham. So I think we both had big days 🙂

Yesterday, the kids helped me cook Easter dinner and set the table.

IMG_2350     IMG_2354

When I got up, the kids looked in their Easter baskets.

IMG_2352  DSC_0779

This year the Easter bunny brought them some new DVD’s (since all of ours were lost in the fall on a trip). We now have seasons of Gilligan’s Island and Full House, as well as Hop and Despicable Me.  Then we had to get ready. Not so bad this year. They are getting older and able to do so much for themselves.


I put the ham in the oven and headed off to church. It was so good to sing of God’s goodness to us. Eric’s sermon asked the question,”Mary, why are you weeping?” Mary has just discovered that the tomb is empty and she is so sad that her savior is missing.Then Jesus appears and asks her,”Why are you weeping?” She is weeping because she lives in a world that is marred by sin and sadness, by death and illness, by loneliness and hurt, and she thinks her teacher and Lord has been taken. Haven’t we all wept while we lived in this world? Haven’t we all been in despair about our lives at times? We know what it feels like to hurt and feel great pain. The great news is that Jesus wasn’t taken by anyone, He rose. And He is making all sad things Untrue. I love that thought… all sad things become untrue.

Just had to share the picture of the cutest little baby that I got to hold at lunch today.


A-dorable ( and I am terrible at selfies 🙂 )

Happy Easter!


One Response to “Easter 2013”

  1. Dad Says:

    Looks like Easter was a beautiful day for you all.

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