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i am going to get fired April 16, 2013

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by my children- for making unreliable costumes for their musicals.

Cord was the rooster in his school musical E-I-E-I-Oops. The set was precious! Moms and dads made a barn scene and fence posts with corn growing up the poles. It was a perfect setting. Some of the kids were farmers, some were cows, or chicks or mice. Cord was a rooster. I immediately wished I knew how to sew (how many times has that thought gone through my mind? Why didn’t I take Home Ec!)

Cord has not always loved being in plays- Last year he was Joseph in his school’s Christmas play and you may remember he growled and snarled at me from the stage, saying,”Quit taking my picture.”

DSC_0313Thankfully this costume was provided and put on by his teacher 🙂

So planning for this play I got online and ordered a mask- I was thinking that he might feel more confident if he was hidden behind the mask- and it ended up being the only part of the costume that didn’t fall apart!

I bought a white thermal long sleeve tshirt and found his white baseball pants. I bought red flannel squares for his legs and tucked them up in the baseball pants. I bought three white boas and wrapped them all over his top and tucked them in (that was the fatal mistake 🙂 )


I dropped him off at class and took a few photos with his buddies.



I left him with the instructions to be very careful because those boas could unwrap if he were too crazy. I head to the gym, anxious that he will be a naked little chicken on stage.

As his class walks in to go up on stage, I see that he is holding all the boas. I run over to the corner, rewrap and tuck, and send him on his way, now knowing there will be a naked chicken on stage at some point.


I sit through the show, begging the boas to stay put, and he makes it through his speaking part at the microphone fully dressed 🙂 But during the second half of the show, I see his boas slowly begin to unwrap. Thankfully he does not have to go anywhere and they slowly unravel on to the bleacher that he is standing on.



This greets me after the show…an armful of rooster costume.  Must.Learn.To.Sew. (or at least use safety pins!!)




One Response to “i am going to get fired”

  1. Nan-Nan, Mary, Mary Agnes Says:

    I never learned to sew…and I should have. Hot glue guns are the best. E6000 glue works well too. And, don’t buy cheap safety pins, they will pop open. Enough said!

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