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End of year May 15, 2013

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So many fun end of year moments.


Emma Frances dressed up as Harriet Tubman for her school book report. She worked hard on it. But what I loved most was the fact that she got to use her TOMS that had a hole in the toe. She only owned them for a few weeks and her toe made a hole in the left shoe. I was not happy about that- but now I see she was just preparing for a future costume need 🙂

DSC_1056  DSC_1063

Lucy’s end of year school event was a circus- literally, not just metaphorically 🙂 there were ring masters, strong men, clowns, and tight rope walkers. Lucy was a tumbler. At the end of the performance, each group sang a couple of songs, with motions. Lucy rocked her motions so hard that a couple of people told me after the show that she would make a good headbanger at a rock concert 🙂 She gets those moves from her mother’s side.



It was also Mother’s Day weekend. Dot Dot came and we had lots of fun. She planted and weeded and watered and planted and weeded some more 🙂 I know that doesn’t sound like a very sweet way to celebrate your mother-in-law:her doing all the work, but she honestly thrives on being outside and digging in the dirt. We took a long walk together; she took the kids on a bike ride to the park; we shopped in the next town and ate out here in our town. She was able to go to a tball game and Lucy’s circus. We ate at the country club on Sunday. That was a treat for the both of us. Good food, already made, and no clean up!

It was a beautiful weekend- the weather is finally starting to feel like May! I’m glad to be wrapping up the school year, but not in that exhausted way that I am some years. It will just be nice to do summer things with the kids, and I won’t mind not making school lunches either 🙂


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