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summertime July 22, 2013

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It’s been a while since I blogged last. May to be exact. We have had a great summer. Things I’ve learned in the past few months:

1) I’m really thankful that there are adults in our church and community that invest in our children’s lives. It is humbling and encouraging and I love to see my children growing under their friendships with these people. Whether it was my big girls learning so much during their time in The Little Mermaid under the leadership of the director or Cord going fishing with a deacon from our church or a babysitter who wants to paint Lucy’s fingernails or the numerous ladies who invested in the children during VBS, this community is thoughtful and we are growing and thriving in this sweet town.

2) I am very thankful for my family- on both sides! Over the past few months, all three of my aunts have come to visit. How sweet of them to make a way to see us. I truly treasure those visits and look forward to seeing each one of them! My mom, dad, sister, niece , and mother-in-law have each come to see us during this season. They have gone out of their way to make time to see the girls in their play or spend a long weekend with us. If you combine all the visits, it is like we were hanging with someone from our family every week! Who is as blessed as we are to have that kind of time with family when we don’t live close to them?

3) I am thankful for friends from so many stages of life that continue to pursue our friendships and make a way each year to see each other.  My college friends (roommates for all 4 years!) have met every year since we graduated and even though we spread out across the South, we find a way to see each other. There has been so much to celebrate with these friends and it keeps getting better! This year was super special as we celebrated our 40th at the beach.  My dearest friend from childhood (33 years of friendship) lives far from me, but I was blessed to see her this summer and spend three days talking and seeing life where she lives. We shared growing up and often see that the way that we were nurtured growing up helps make us who we are- we live very different lives, but essentially do so much alike- what we eat, how we think about things, what we like to read and watch.  We are a big argument for nurture making a big impact on a person, rather than just being born a certain way 🙂 My friends from Huntsville have been so dear to me- we text throughout the year and try to see each other when we are close enough to drive. There are so many families and friends that we love from there and we have been blessed to have visits from some of them this year too. One family drove through on their way home from Oklahoma, another drove over for the day while they were in Starkville, one came for their Fall Break and lived life with us for the week, one drove up from Jackson to eat lunch with us. Each visit was so refreshing! To hear how God is working in these families and how He has been faithful to each one of them over this year, what a JOY! We welcome anyone who wants to venture this way!

4) I am thankful for friendships that are developing here. There are ladies from our church, ladies who are moms of my children’s friends and ladies from our community that I am building relationships with. There have been good lunches, walks around town, coffees, visits, book studies, and even a spend-the-night. These moments give me great hope and make me thankful that the Lord put us here- where there are so many ladies that are willing to be open to having a new friend.

What I learned is that relationships matter VERY much to me. I am motivated by them, I am encouraged through them, I want to invest in them. This summer marks one year that we have been in Indianola, and I can testify to the Lord’s goodness in bringing us here and in providing for us while we have been here. He has literally surrounded me with people that I love this year and that has ministered to me so much. He has not left me alone; He has met me where I am in His word and has given me people that can push us along.

My church probably thinks I am crazy! Every time they turn around, we are bringing someone to church with us from some part of our life or we are visiting someone from a certain season of our life. I hope it has not been a distraction. To me, it has been a ministry to my soul and enabled me to see the goodness of God in a special way this year!