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God of this City October 7, 2013

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As we were preparing to move to Indianola and finishing up in Huntsville a year and a half ago, the girls were finishing up their dance classes with the end of the year recital. ┬áThe dance company that we worked with was lead by an amazing lady and staff who often choreographed dances to Christian music. That year, they ended the recital with a finale to the song, “God of this City” by Chris Tomlin. A really sweet touch that the teacher included was having a few of the children to read verses during part of the song. and Olivia was one of the voices that they used. So we played the practice music for a few months in a row while the girls practiced and it simultaneously ended up being a theme song for our move in my mind.

As we’ve been here this song has come back to me over and over. The God of This City.

Only the Lord God can do what needs to be done here. And I mean that.

Only His Spirit can bring change in the hearts here- only His Spirit can bring the change my heart needs. We are a cold people- we are happy in our self-surviving ways and we are unwilling to believe what He says about us and about how we should then live. We love our habits, our isolation, our our- way-or-the-highway mentality, our independence, our plans, our perceived success. What if we believed that what He says is true? What if where He has us and what He has us going through were seen as exactly where He wants us so that we can surrender?

What if we got to see a city, or for that matter a church or a family, that vulnerably, willingly, earnestly, zealously thrived on what God says about us. Thrived, I say. Because it would be thriving. It would be repenting and releasing the hold that sin and its patterns have on us. It would be reconciling and having our hearts knit together. It would be encouraging and putting to death a critical spirit and gossiping ways. It would be seeing the most precious image bearers in light of who God has called them to be and coming alongside one another as He shapes us to look like Him. It would be exercising and calling in to play the fruits of the spirit as we work and live. It would be rooting out our own sin, rather than hoping our neighbor would be fixed. It would be honesty about what we do, rather than saying what we think we believe.

I long to see this. I long to see God freely welcomed into our lives here, freely welcomed into marriages and families and hearts. There is no one like Our God. I know to believe that He wants this more than I do. He has better things yet to come to his people- to those who take Him at His word. Better things.