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growth November 8, 2013

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sometimes I would just like to say,”Grow!” “Stop that behavior” and that be the end of our struggle with that in our children.

One that we are working with right now struggles to stop talking in school (ha! I feel partly responsible just because of the double portion of talking gene the child got from us!) The clip of the behavior chart has been moved alot and I have had lots of talks with the teacher as I periodically pop in to see how the child is doing that day.

The child can tell me what happened- can tell what is the right thing to do- knows the rules about that behavior- knows he/she is wrong- CAN’T. SEEM. TO. STOP!

There are punishments at school, punishments here at home, consistent responses to the behavior, apologies that have to be said to the teacher and to us, tears of remorse (i’m not always sure about tears of repentance- there is a big difference).

Today I checked in as they were walking back from lunch. The child had the pin moved today (Knowing that I was coming). I took the child to the teacher’s lounge, talked about the circumstances, and gave a consquence. I also told the child I would be back before the pep rally and that child would sit with me in the classroom while the classmates went to the pep rally.

I walked away thinking,”Seriously! What does it take to have some self control!!”

and then I hung my head- and thought about my eating, my diet coke intake, my thoughts, my harshness…”What does it take to have some self control…”

it takes the holy spirit’s work- in both me and that child. Lord, come quickly. We need it.


is writing worth it? November 5, 2013

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is writing worth it? that seems like a weird questions for a former English teacher to ask. Of course I see the need for good writing skills- excellent grammar and clarity of content. So many areas of our life require that. I am also extremely grateful for novels that I have ingested over the years- that changed me, expanded me, softened me. But now I am in a dilemma- one that involves writing…my writing.

This summer while I was on a trip with a dear friend in NYC, I was hit with a brainstorm- an idea for a novel. I have had ideas before- concepts that would come to me that I could see making a great story. But this one seemed clearly outlined in my head. I went so far as to make lots of notes on my phone so that I could remember the concepts. It has been simmering for awhile and I continue to encounter people who encourage me to write.

At a recent wedding we attended, Eric and I sat with a lady whom I had not spent a great deal of time with. We sat together at the rehearsal dinner and she almost immediately began probing me about my writing. Not knowing that I have a random little blog, she encouraged me over and over to start one. It became a joke for the weekend. Little did she know I had been mulling the idea of a novel in my head for a while.

I heard more encouragement from my own family while I was with them this past weekend. The topic came up with both my sister and my dad. This is a topic I just don’t tell people about. It seems so prideful- such a strange thought. And who even knows if I can actually write?

But yesterday I began. And the thoughts seemed to tumble out. Who knows if they will be worth anything. Why does an artist do what he does? Why does an author write a story for others to read? What would be the significance of someone reading what someone else thought about? Right now I have no idea. I’m just taking one small step to see what it would be like to write out the brainstorm.


in a soaker tub November 4, 2013

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We are studying Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World in a book study at my house once a month. In the first chapter, there was one of those ice breakers that stated,”a woman once told me her life was like a blender-and it’s stuck on frappe. What inanimate object best describes how your life currently feels?”

I’m not the best with fabricated ice breakers. But I understand the heart of this question as it relates to our study of busyness and worry. Immediately, I thought of a soaker tub. And right after that, I thought how weird that I would be facilitating a discussion on busyness and worry when I personally feel like I am soaking in a jacuzzi.

Since we’ve been in the Delta, I have felt like God has slowed me down, stopped my activity, quieted my plans. My mind still goes ninety miles an hour, but my actual life has been a forced soaking. Before I sound completely ungrateful, I believe that it has been a good thing- just an awkward thing for me at times- an unusual slowing.

I know that the Lord is intentional in His work in my life and that He refines me through my circumstances. He has stopped me and taught me much about prayer- an area I needed and continue to need such growth in- and you really can’t focus on listening and praying if you are stuck in a blender-like lifestyle.

He is beginning to add back a few things to my day- but as He does, I am praying that I listen and pray- knowing that He is the only one who can do the work here.  It will actually be during that prayer time that I will understand what I am to do – how I am to do it- He will change me during those times- He will unfold the story through my prayers and I will get to see His hand in the work that is done here. Prayer is humbling- and bows our knees to the Ruler of the Universe, while it is equally comforting- as we seek help and guidance from the One who knows all things and can do all things. It exercises our faith in a way few things do. And all of a sudden- I don’t mind soaking so much any more.


Costumes November 3, 2013

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IMG_3635 IMG_3653IMG_3636 DSC_0127


We got to watch Despicable Me 2 this past summer when we were at the beach. It has been one of our favorite kid movies- Gru, the main character (voiced by Steve Carell), cracks me up. He is the grumpy, but underneath-it-all warm and fuzzy, evil villain. He adopts three girls and manages an army of minions that carry out his evil plans 🙂 And Despicable Me 2 adds a love interest for him- Lucy. A couple of days before the community’s trunk or treat, my kids decided they wanted to dress up as characters from the movie. We had lots of the parts on hand- we did require a stop at a second hand store for a yellow hat and a yellow shirt and a quick Walmart trip for denim fabric to make the bib of the overalls for the minions.  Eric pulled off Gru like a champ and I am so thankful for a husband who is willing to do anything for our family fun!