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in a soaker tub November 4, 2013

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We are studying Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World in a book study at my house once a month. In the first chapter, there was one of those ice breakers that stated,”a woman once told me her life was like a blender-and it’s stuck on frappe. What inanimate object best describes how your life currently feels?”

I’m not the best with fabricated ice breakers. But I understand the heart of this question as it relates to our study of busyness and worry. Immediately, I thought of a soaker tub. And right after that, I thought how weird that I would be facilitating a discussion on busyness and worry when I personally feel like I am soaking in a jacuzzi.

Since we’ve been in the Delta, I have felt like God has slowed me down, stopped my activity, quieted my plans. My mind still goes ninety miles an hour, but my actual life has been a forced soaking. Before I sound completely ungrateful, I believe that it has been a good thing- just an awkward thing for me at times- an unusual slowing.

I know that the Lord is intentional in His work in my life and that He refines me through my circumstances. He has stopped me and taught me much about prayer- an area I needed and continue to need such growth in- and you really can’t focus on listening and praying if you are stuck in a blender-like lifestyle.

He is beginning to add back a few things to my day- but as He does, I am praying that I listen and pray- knowing that He is the only one who can do the work here.  It will actually be during that prayer time that I will understand what I am to do – how I am to do it- He will change me during those times- He will unfold the story through my prayers and I will get to see His hand in the work that is done here. Prayer is humbling- and bows our knees to the Ruler of the Universe, while it is equally comforting- as we seek help and guidance from the One who knows all things and can do all things. It exercises our faith in a way few things do. And all of a sudden- I don’t mind soaking so much any more.


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