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is writing worth it? November 5, 2013

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is writing worth it? that seems like a weird questions for a former English teacher to ask. Of course I see the need for good writing skills- excellent grammar and clarity of content. So many areas of our life require that. I am also extremely grateful for novels that I have ingested over the years- that changed me, expanded me, softened me. But now I am in a dilemma- one that involves writing…my writing.

This summer while I was on a trip with a dear friend in NYC, I was hit with a brainstorm- an idea for a novel. I have had ideas before- concepts that would come to me that I could see making a great story. But this one seemed clearly outlined in my head. I went so far as to make lots of notes on my phone so that I could remember the concepts. It has been simmering for awhile and I continue to encounter people who encourage me to write.

At a recent wedding we attended, Eric and I sat with a lady whom I had not spent a great deal of time with. We sat together at the rehearsal dinner and she almost immediately began probing me about my writing. Not knowing that I have a random little blog, she encouraged me over and over to start one. It became a joke for the weekend. Little did she know I had been mulling the idea of a novel in my head for a while.

I heard more encouragement from my own family while I was with them this past weekend. The topic came up with both my sister and my dad. This is a topic I just don’t tell people about. It seems so prideful- such a strange thought. And who even knows if I can actually write?

But yesterday I began. And the thoughts seemed to tumble out. Who knows if they will be worth anything. Why does an artist do what he does? Why does an author write a story for others to read? What would be the significance of someone reading what someone else thought about? Right now I have no idea. I’m just taking one small step to see what it would be like to write out the brainstorm.


5 Responses to “is writing worth it?”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I am jumping up and down in my office. Go. Go. Go. I’ve got my rah rahs on the ready!!!!!

  2. Dad Says:

    Way to go girl…remember the opening line should be something like….”It was a dark and stormy night…..”

  3. Shae Reed Says:

    You go, Girl! I’ll look forward to reading about your progress, as well as your final product!

  4. zellner Says:

    Melissa and shae- I really appreciate your encouragement. I am going to need lots of it to go any farther- Seems VERY daunting! Thank you for your sweet words!

  5. zellner Says:

    Daddy- of course I am opening with that- that is writing 101 🙂

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