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growth November 8, 2013

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sometimes I would just like to say,”Grow!” “Stop that behavior” and that be the end of our struggle with that in our children.

One that we are working with right now struggles to stop talking in school (ha! I feel partly responsible just because of the double portion of talking gene the child got from us!) The clip of the behavior chart has been moved alot and I have had lots of talks with the teacher as I periodically pop in to see how the child is doing that day.

The child can tell me what happened- can tell what is the right thing to do- knows the rules about that behavior- knows he/she is wrong- CAN’T. SEEM. TO. STOP!

There are punishments at school, punishments here at home, consistent responses to the behavior, apologies that have to be said to the teacher and to us, tears of remorse (i’m not always sure about tears of repentance- there is a big difference).

Today I checked in as they were walking back from lunch. The child had the pin moved today (Knowing that I was coming). I took the child to the teacher’s lounge, talked about the circumstances, and gave a consquence. I also told the child I would be back before the pep rally and that child would sit with me in the classroom while the classmates went to the pep rally.

I walked away thinking,”Seriously! What does it take to have some self control!!”

and then I hung my head- and thought about my eating, my diet coke intake, my thoughts, my harshness…”What does it take to have some self control…”

it takes the holy spirit’s work- in both me and that child. Lord, come quickly. We need it.


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