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Pushing back the fall February 3, 2014

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I. Hate. the. Fall.   Not the season that welcomes my Auburn Tigers to the field and encourages us with its rich colors and cooling breezes. I hate the fall. Of man.

The ushering in of sin- both the kind we commit and the kind done to us. Sin that separates us from the Father and that separates us from one another. Sin that freezes our hearts and makes them cold, and sin that fires up our hearts and makes them burn with anger. Sin that discourages us and so easily entangles us and sin that deceptively woos us. The fall had such enormous implications in our lives. Eternal ones and crushing ones. It complicates our communication. It hinders our love for one another. It lies to us and tells us that being isolated is better than being with others who love us and love the Lord. It enslaves us with promises of personal freedom and knocks our feet out from under us when we discover that we have been tricked by our idols.

The gospel, that good news, saves us. From our sin, from its power over us, from our thoughts, from ourselves, from death.  And this gospel- this good news is that through Jesus’ perfect life and substitutionary death we have ACCESS to the Lord. That by the Holy Spirit we are united to Christ and we have freedom from those things that enslave us. There is power in the blood- and I don’t mean that lightly or colloquially… We are able to now see sin for what it is and we are able to choose to pursue holiness and we are able to hear the lies that we once believed and we are able to act differently than we once did. Not because of us, but because of HIM. He pushes back the effects of the fall in me and in you. He pushes back the effects of the fall in our churches and in our relationships.

What will that look like? Instead of running from one another- or hiding from one another, we will run to each other and repent and listen. Instead of “winning” in arguments, we will seek where we are wrong and apologize as far as it depends on us. Instead of making our own kingdoms, we will lay it down and work for His. Instead of pleasing ourselves with as much as we want in all areas of our lives, we ask Him where do you want me to be and what do you want to do with the money you have given me and how do you want me to spend my time and who do you want me to befriend? Oh the possibilities if we would welcome the nudges that the Holy Spirit gives us.

I just got back from seeing WICKED with my oldest two and my college roommate. You know the great song “defying gravity”. The words,”I’m limited.” “Together we’re unlimited” are ringing through my mind. The possibilities of what His Kingdom can do are unlimited- when we work in tandem with the Holy Spirit. We aren’t defying gravity- we are defying the effects of the fall. Rising above them, so to speak.

And the discouraging patterns of the world will be pushed back and we will be encouraged- with man, this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. And such great healing will happen…the deep, beautiful, spiritual healing of all that He created.

**Writing for my own encouragement to work in tandem with the Holy Spirit and not against it. As is true in the Kingdom of God, it will be the opposite of the way the world teaches to handle any situation.


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