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a moment August 8, 2013

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This week is such a sweet little week- it’s that in-between week- in between summer and the start of school. ¬†We have had such a full summer (the play, visiting friends and family, family vacation, VBS) and we know school will start and all of our activities and homework will again too. So this week is helpful.

I am motivated to say yes to them…hilariously, I just had to put this down because one little boy was in the mood to snuggle. This is the same little boy, who when it was time for me to leave for a trip with my friends, almost kicked me out of his grandmother’s house so that he could start his fun with her. No hugs, only big waves of goodbyes. So when he was in the mood to hug/wrestle/sit on me, I put this computer down and relished it.

One of the many reasons that I love to have good groups of mom friends is that they encourage me to be a better mom- by their examples, by our topics that we discuss, by the perspective that I gain about what is important. One thing I lamented on a recent girls’ trip with my friends was that I find myself saying,”In just a minute.” Now that is not always a bad thing; there are things I have to wait on so that I can finish what I am doing. But often I find that I am saying it and their request would be easy to fill and I am not doing something that is really that important. I further lamented that I find that I then do have something come up and I end up failing to “paint my nails” or “play I spy with me” or “go to the library”. SO this week I am working hard to say yes when it is appropriate and doable. Thankful for ladies who encourage me.

The deadline of school is good for me. And for my kids too. Here’s to lots of hugs, baking together, games, snuggles, pool time, and crafts. And hoping I keep a sweet attitude to carry it out.