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Girls Getaway April 6, 2011

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Since the year I graduated from Auburn, I have been meeting my college roommates once a year for a getaway.  We have been all over the South- Memphis, Atlanta, Birmingham, the beach- wherever one of us lived at the time.  This year we were able to meet back in Auburn.  We rented a condo off of Vacation Rental by Owner. The three bedroom was perfect for all 6 of us to fit in.  We were blessed to have the BEST weather and an amazing time!

We started our day at Samford Hall.

I could have been just as happy sitting right there in the sun all day.  Those steps lead to Langdon Hall where we went to RUF every Monday night.  They also lead to Foy Union where we went for Cabinet and Senate meetings over the years.  We laughed about all the funny memories we have and knew the day was going to be perfect!

We were able to “ask” our way on to the field.  We tried waving down the turf maintenance man, but in the end a guy walked out of an office underneath the stadium and agreed to let us in (and take our picture for us 🙂 )

We visited the new dorms~the new arena

Lisbeth’s husband reminded us that the National Championship Trophy and the Heisman Trophy were at the athletic complex on display.  We arrived only to find out it is always closed on Saturdays 😦  But after careful thinking, plotting, and evaluation, we were able to figure out the person to ask if we could have the room opened for us.  They did and it was AWESOME!


Meredith and I headed out to our car after seeing the trophies and ran into Coach Trooper and Coach Luper! We were able to gather the posse and they were gracious enough to take pictures with us.  It was the icing on the cake. Two very busy men who had just finished a recruiting weekend and spring practice stopped to meet us and take pictures.
We finished the day watching baseball on the hill outside of the baseball stadium.

Auburn was fun, but the friendships that are represented are far more important.  Over the years there have been many things to celebrate with one another and many things to grieve with one another.  This weekend was good for the soul- full of blessings and reminders that God is faithful and that we were blessed to have one another in college and now.


2 Responses to “Girls Getaway”

  1. Mary Says:

    I’ve been waiting on your review. So happy you were all able to get together. Just as cute as always.

  2. Sallye Grainger Says:

    Nothing better than a weekend in the loveliest village on the Plains!

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